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• I will remember that in all my dealings with the public as a volunteer, I am representing Helping Paws Adoptable Animals, and that the public will consider my words and actions regarding rescue activities representative of the attitude and position of Helping Paws Adoptable Animals. If enter into activities of a political or controversial nature, I am doing so as an individual, separate from Helping Paws Adoptable Animals.
• I understand that as an individual, I cannot enter into agreements for the organization; any such activity will be forwarded to the Helping Paws Adoptable Animals Board of Directors, and only Board Members can execute an agreement on behalf of Helping Paws Adoptable Animals.
• I accept full responsibility for expenses incurred by myself as a volunteer for Helping Paws Adoptable Animals. Although I may be reimbursed by Helping Paws Adoptable Animals, I must have prior approval from an officer of the Board of Directors, as well as the necessary documentation and receipts.
• I will always remember that I represent a non-profit organization and cannot profit from any activity related to the organization.
• I understand that Helping Paws Adoptable Animals cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the health, behavior or temperament of any dog I may handle. I am aware that a dog may cause personal or property damage and agree to keep pets in my care securely contained.
• I understand that all Helping Paws Adoptable Animals volunteer applicants are subject to a home visit and reference check.
• I agree that if I bring a guest to a Helping Paws Adoptable Event, and that guest has not filled out a Volunteer Form, I am accepting full responsibility for this guest.
I attest that I understand the risks present in volunteer duties, particularly in working with animals, and freely assume those risks and agree to release and indemnify Helping Paws Adoptable Animals, it’s officers, agents, employees and volunteers from and against all claims for injury, accident, damage, loss or danger to the undersigned as a result of such volunteer duties.
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