Dena’s Auction for the Seniors                  September 18,2013  
Helping Paws Yard Sale                             September 15,2013
FB auction for Bones                                 September 14,2013
RSR Parvo Puppies                                    September 7,2013
Eskie Rescuers United                             September 4,2013
Smiling Dog Farm                                      August 28,2013
FB auction for Freeway                             August 24,2013
The Animal Protection League                August 21,2013
FB auction for LUV4K9’s                        August 14,2013
FB auction for Wags to Wishes                August,7,2013
Sophie and Wallace                                   July 31,2013
Helping Paws Christmas In July               July 24,2013
FB auction for Famous Fido                        July 10,2013
Gerdy,Lady,Lynn,Dan&Ann                        July 3,2013
T-Shirt Order                                              July 1,2013
FB auction Knick Knack Pittie Pack        June 26,2013
Big Dog Rescue                                        June 19,2013
Rudy                                                          June 12,2013
Bow Wow Revaluation auction                  June 5,2013
AARS FB auction                                      May 29,2013
FB auction for Lucy                                   May 24,2013
FB auction for Ryder                                 May 18,2013
FB auction for SecondHand                       May 15,2013
FB auction for Puppy mill and Two furry Friends    May 8,2013
FB auction for Freeway                              May 5,2013
Fb auction for Almost Home Schnauzer Rescue       May 1,2013
FB auction for Waldo’s Muttly Crew          April 24,2013
FB auction for Last Chance Cat Ranch      April 24,2013
C.R.I.C.A.A.T.                                             April 10,2013
FB auction for Ruff Start Rescue (Minnesota)     March 30,2013
Dog Works Rescue auction (Ohio)              March 24,2013
Mz Frances Elephante                                 March 19,2013
FB auction for Helping Paws                       March 16,2013
FB auction for Villalobos  Rescue Center (L.A.)    March 2,2013
CILRA Lab Rescue auction                        February 23,2013
FB auction for Club Pet Adoption                  February 16,2013
FB auction Dog’s Day Rescue                         February 9,2013
FB Auction for Freeway’s Wheels                        February 6,2013
Auction to help Shadow                              February 3,2013
Cancer Sucks!                                       January 20,2013
Emergency auction for Shadow                          January 12,2013
Auction for S.O.S.                                  January 12,2012
Auction for Reach Out Rescue                           January 12,2013
Auction for Bulldog rescue & Chance                     January 3,2013
Auction for Kim-Cares-for-Pairs                         January 1,2013
Auction for Nickol & Emma                         December 22,2012
AARS need your help                                      December 19,2012
One Day Live Auction                                      December 15,2012
FB auction for Nick of Time Rescue                     December December 9,2012
Auction for Lynn Estes                                    December 8,2012
FB auction for the Barber Shop Rescue                    December 1,2012
FB auction for Animal House Rescue                      November 26,2012
Name Game for Cuties                                                November 15,2012
Helping Paws Christmas auction                                          November 14,2012
FB auction for Jay Co. Humane Society                                    November 3,2012
Auction for Find A Home Pet Rescue                                       October 26,2012
Auction for Milo’s Rescue                                                 October 26,2012
Auction for Second Hand Rescue                              October 20,2012
Tastefully Simple Fundraiser for Helping Paws                          September 30,2012
Auction for AARS for Burned Dogs                               September 24,2012
Buy Now to help save 12 Dogs                                              September 16,2012
Emergency auction for Parvo puppies                             September 9,2012
Heywood the Super Cat auction                                            August 27,2012
Auction for Castaway Pet Rescue                                            August 27,2012
FB auction for Club Pet Adoption                                            August 20,2012