About Us

Our Mission:

Helping PAWS is dedicated to improving the lives of animals, alleviating their suffering and elevating their status in society through the rescue and rehabilitation. We also want to educate our community on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. Advocating the value of all animal life, in hopes to end the neglect and abuse animals and help control the pet population through spay and neuter advocacy.


Who we are:

Syd Banch, Founder

While looking to add a dog to her family in 1998, a relative told Syd to rescue a dog. She started calling local vets and asking if we had rescues in our area as she was looking for a Golden Retriever. After a few calls, Syd was given the information to Rescue – Club Pet Adoption. She went out to look at dogs and they did not have one, but said they would call if one came in. In a week or two they called and she went back. It was love at first sight with Toby. After seeing the dogs in the shelter and talking to the owner of the rescue, her heart melted knowing there were so many dogs that people did not want. From that day forward, the start of fundraising and doing events to educate people on the over population of animals in the area. Almost 20 years later, Helping PAWS continues to raise funds for rescues all across the country by running online auctions on Facebook. Syd’s dog family includes Falcora, Louise, Petey, Lacy (foster fail), Ottis (hospice foster), and Allie (her most recent foster failure).

We Provide Best Services

We love dogs and below are just some of the services we provide our furry friends in need.

Online Fundraising Auctions
We raise money through online auctions to help fund our organization. Last year we raised over $275,000 for dogs, shelters, and rescues.
Friendly Community
We pull mostly special needs animals from kill shelters that have high medical bills, and help them find there forever home.
Foster Dog Placement
We help foster families that do “Hospice only” so that these dogs might live out their lives.


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