A Refresher on HELPING PAWS!

A Refresher on HELPING PAWS!

Helping Paws Adoptable Animals is an Indy based rescue that devotes its mission to saving and rehabbing the toughest medical cases. Whether its a dog that’s been hit by a car or a puppy suffering from parvo, Helping Paws steps in to give them a fighting chance. $3,000 vet bills are the norm for this dog welfare group, so fundraising, fostering and volunteering are crucial in helping those that need it.

How can you help?

FOSTERING: Helping Paws is a foster-based rescue so they always need fosters, without foster homes, they have nowhere for these dogs to go to start their new lives. Visit: here and type in “foster” in the Pet’s name box to get started!

DONATING: Becoming a monthly donor here is an amazing way to help, plus you get special Helping Paws swag for being a reoccurring donor.

VOLUNTEER: Can you take dogs to vet appointments, share stories on social media, pick up supplies or work a booth at an event? Then email us at [email protected]

and last but not least! ADOPT: Save a life and fall in love, it’s that easy!

Helping Paws strives to educate the community on the importance of spay/neuter as well as how to speak up if you see someone neglecting or abusing animals. Animals should be treated with dignity and respect and live free from cruelty, harm and neglect. Thank you for helping achieve the HELPING PAWS mission!

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