Walking your dog in the nice dry weather or on beautiful sunny days is so simple! But let’s face it…it’s been raining A LOT! And that doesn’t stop them from having to go just because they don’t have the convenience of an indoor bathroom. Well not one we want them to use!!

I will list some easy steps to help you get through this rainy season!


  • If you have a patient dog who has grown accustomed to dog booties in the snowy weather, you might want to consider getting puppy water boots, particularly for dogs with lots of fur on their paws.
  • Some puppy raincoats cover just about the whole body which can priceless in downpours  Then just a quick cleaning of the paws is needed upon returning home.
  • A quick rubdown with a towel (or even a wad of paper towels) can help dry off a soaking wet dog, thus avoiding any more water on your floors and furniture. More importantly, it will help them feel more comfortable and not catch cold.
  • But remember, rain gear and any doggie gear for that matter has its functions, but some products are made just to make the dogs look cute and don’t protect them from rain or cold. Make sure your gear does both.
  • My dogs get bored pretty quickly if they can’t go out in the yard and run around (about a million times) each day. I now keep bones and treats for them to chew out their pent up energy when they have to stay inside.
  • What do toddlers and puppies have in common? Among other things, there is not a puddle they cannot resist plunging into. For pet owners, that means looking ahead and steering your pup clear of any large puddles, and when that’s unavoidable,  checking their coat for any debris or critters that may have become stuck during their splish-splashing fun.
  • Some dogs and nearly all puppies just will not be able to wait out daylong rain showers to relieve themselves. On top of that many dogs will just refuse to go in the rain. Some dogs will go unless it’s torrential and some will usually wait until the rain stops. Remember that every dog is different and some will have accidents. Forgive, clean-up, and move on.
  • It may be tempting to send your dog out alone when it’s pouring out but if your yard is not properly fenced in, a big bolt of lightening followed by a thunderclap can send your dog off and running. Out of fear, he may keep running and get lost. So leash up your pup and go with him.
  • It goes without saying that the place for a dog is inside during bad weather. Every dog should live indoors, fully protected from poor weather conditions — all year round.

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