Rescue/Shelter Pet Myths

Rescue/Shelter Pet Myths

Pet Rescue Myths


There are many myths associated with rescued animals that prevent potential pet-owners from considering adoption. One myth is that you can’t find adoptable puppies; when in reality, pet rescues hate pets of all ages and sizes waiting to find a forever home. Another myth is that there are no purebred cats or dogs available for adoption. The truth is that at least 25% of shelter/rescue animals are purebreds. In addition, there are many purebred rescues that work to find the perfect pet for your family.

Finally, many believe falsely that pet rescue animals have been surrendered because they are untrainable, “bad” or ill. When in fact many sweet, healthy, smart animals have been surrendered not due to their dispositions but due to the situations out of the pet’s control (new baby, moving, ect). Plus, many pets adopted through rescues are spayed or neutered, behavior tested and micro-chipped.

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