How you can help!

How you can help!

How You Can Help

If you’re not ready to take on the full-time responsibility of a pet adoption, consider fostering a pet. That means caring for a rescue pet for a limited period of time versus taking on the full-time commitment  and responsibility of adoption. It’s a very good deed, because pet fostering helps the rescues take in additional pets because there is now a spot for them. Rescues will normally fit a foster with a family that suits each particular  pet and will also cover all the medical expenses.

Pets in Need

The pets taken into the rescues will be assessed by an approved Veterinarian and any medical care or surgeries that need to be done will be done prior to them being available for adoption. Not all pets even need medical attention, they may just need a foster until a forever home can be made! For whatever reason their prior owner can not take care of them any longer and we want to help transition them over to a new family to be theirs forever.

Right For You?

Fostering can be a good alternative  to pet adoption, especially if you’re not sure you’re ready to adopt, but still want to experience having a pet in your home. Often people end up adopting the pets they foster, but just giving them the transition home between their old home and their forever home is an amazing experience. You will see such forgiveness in a pet that’s been abandoned and they still are willing to love everyone anyway. Please note that it takes a special kind of person to foster a pet, since eventually you will need to give the animal up once they have a home that is a perfect match, which can be difficult if you’ve become attached. But what you’re doing is amazing and we hope that after you’ve helped one pet get to their forever home you will want to help another. Without you we cannot do what we do! If you think you’d like to foster please let us know!

-Alicia WIlliams

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